Stripper For Hire is a completely mobile soda blasting service.  No need to hire haulers to transport your work to the blaster.  I come to you!  Soda blasting is a very dusty process but dust can be controlled with a wet blast nozzle if necessary.  Soda blasting will leave a residue of the soda on surfaces.  The residue will protect bare metal from flash rust but must be washed off prior to applying any new coating.  If you intend to apply a coating within 72 hours I will wash the surfaces for you.  In either of these two instances I would need access to a garden hose.  If you do not intend to paint right away, I will provide you with the solution and instructions so that you may properly wash off the soda prior to painting in order to prevent coating adhesion problems.  My goal is to provide my customers with the best stripping and cleaning service possible with a soda blaster.

Stripper For Hire uses a Buster Blaster 100 which is manufactured by the Soda Works of Walla Walla, Washington.  It is the only Soda Blaster in the world designed from the ground up specifically and exclusively for soda blasting.  It is also the only soda blaster in the world to carry a US Patent.  It operates off of a Sullivan-Palatek D210QH hi-pressure air compressor powered by a John Deere turbo diesel engine.  The compressor is rated at 210 CFM (cubic ft/min) of air at 150 PSI (pounds sq/in).

Stripper For Hire, Inc.

Mobile Soda Blasting

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